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Sciencecorps is an informal network of health professionals who work on environmental and occupational health issues, relying on the fields of toxicology, epidemiology, medicine, and other technical areas.  We conduct hazard and community evaluations and participate in research and policy development. We work to strengthen public health protections and awareness through outreach and education.  



Some ongoing issues


Gulf Spill Chemical Hazards

Crude Oil Health Hazards

Health & EJ impacts from power plant pollutants: Docket comments

Flood Fuel Hazards

RDX - Why it matters

Hazards of chemical mixtures

Letter to Congress on preserving access to justice and protections

Letter to EPA on Scientific Integrity

Boycott of EPA arsenic and hexavalent chromium meeting

Letter to Congress Regarding Report on Carcinogens

New Evidence on MTBE and Cancer

Lead Genotoxicity

NIOSH Carcinogen Policy Comments

Chemical Hazards in Floods and Other Disasters: Fuels

Veterans and Chemical Hazards

Coal Fired Power Plants

Worker exposure to pesticides: methyl iodide

Report on the health hazards of some synthetic turf



Information Resources


World Health Organization

National Library of Medicine search-all journals

National Library of Medicine Specialized Information Services

International Labor Organization (ILO)



Human Rights


Human Rights resources from United Nations

Cultural Survival




Union of Concerned Scientists

Integrity In Science-CSPI



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